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State of Pennsylvania hogging major championships

via <a href="*9xrwMSbXqX8*g*vYKedlorztSCyn0B6JC1PVH0YdaV3fTAePPAWwoGO1UAG0JmcIaLNhEBjn3Iw6Kma7mzqD6tkEingIC0/Welcome_to_Pennsylvania_SignPennsylvania.jpg"></a>

Kind of a random thought of the day... Did anyone else notice that 3 of the 4 major pro sports championships are held by teams in the state of Pennsylvania? The Phillies won the World Series in October, The Steelers won the Superbowl in January(or was it Feb?), and the Penguins just won the Stanley Cup.

Add in a final four appearance from Villanova and the fact that the current NBA champs are led by a Philadelphia born guy in Kobe Bryant... and Pennslyvania is having one of the better sports years a state has ever had.

Here's hoping more of that luck shifts to the east side...

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