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Judge rules city of Philadelphia owes Eagles $5 million

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The long running dispute between the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia is finally over. For years the two sides have contended that the other owes them money and couldn't come to agreement on their own. The city claimed it was owed money from skybox revenue at Veteran's Stadium and the Eagles claimed that they were owed money from a canceled preseason game at the Vet. Since it was the city who owned the stadium, the Eagles felt they were owed money in lost revenue when the field was in such poor condition that a preseason game was canceled.

Mercifully, a judge took up the case and ruled that the Eagles owed the city $8 million in the luxury box case. The second half of the dispute was settled today when a judge ordered the city to pay the Eagles $5 million for the canceled game.

So, in the end the Eagles will pay the city $3 million. The team released this statement.

"We are glad that this issue is behind us. We have important civic, community and economic ties to the City of Philadelphia and the region and we look forward to that being the focus of our ongoing dialogue as we look to the future,"

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter released a statement as well.

"I look forward to continuing to work with the Eagles as partners in the community to improve the lives of Philadelphians in neighborhoods across this city. Finally, I wish them the best in the upcoming season."

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