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The Linc - Top 5 Eagles safeties, NFL Draft moving, and David Wright gets the finger

See this Mr Wright?
See this Mr Wright?

Didinger: Top 5 Safeties in Eagles History
Each Tuesday until the start of the regular season, I will give my rankings of the top five players in Eagles history, position by position. Today, the top five safeties. - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Interesting Notes From McNabb and Dawkins Contracts
Remember the big stink it caused with everyone when reports surfaced the Eagles asked Brian Dawkins to "give money back" in the event he missed any games due to injury? And everyone piled on the franchise for being "classless" and...

The Myth of the No. 1 Wide Receiver | Inside the Iggles | A Philadelphia Eagles Blog
It never stops. Once a big name wide receiver starts making trade demands, it becomes a topic of conversation among media and fans alike. Until an Eagle receiver rolls up a 1500 yard, 10 touchdown season, the debate over whether or not a true number one pass catcher exists in Philly will continue.

Iggles Blog - Philadelphia Eagles Blog: Just The Usual Roster Turnover?
One of the things I've learned with all the number crunching over the past couple years is that sometimes it pays to just throw everything into Excel, pop up some graphs, and see what comes out. That's exactly what I...

NFL draft moving to May | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/17/2009
Though actual dates are not firm, the 2010 NFL draft is scheduled for early May. If the league maintains its traditional time frame of conducting the draft 12 weeks after the Super Bowl, the draft would be held May 1-2. The Kentucky Derby, the first jewel in racing's Triple Crown, is Saturday, May 1.

The Fightins " Phillies fan interrupts a lunch date between Joe Buck & David Wright
A Phillies fan gives David Wright the finger, but not the finger you might expect.

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