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Donte Stallworth gets 30 days for manslaughter

I'm sure most of you have been somewhat following the story of former Eagle Donte Stallworth, who was arrested in March for drunk driving and killing a pedestrian.

Yesterday, he plead guilty to DUI manslaughter and received thirty days in jail. He'll also be on probation for 10 years and spend up to two years on house arrest... but in the end he got 30 days for killing a man. Something tells me that if you or I were speeding down a Miami street at 7am with a blood alcohol level at nearly twice the legal limit and killed someone, we'd be doing more than 30 days.

Stallworth also reached a financial settlement with the family of 59 year old Mario Reyes. Mr. Reyes had a 15 year old daughter.

"I accept full responsibility for this horrible tragedy," said Stallworth, who was accompanied at the hearing by his parents, siblings and other supporters. "I will bear this burden for the rest of my life."

Hard to understand, but at the same time it's nothing new. People like Leonard Little, who got an 8 game suspension for killing a single mother, are still not only walking free but making millions as NFL players.

All that said, if the family of the victim has been taken care of that's the most important thing. I guess it's not particularly important to them how long Stallworth spends in prison.

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