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The Linc - Left tackles, McNabb's money, WR talk hasn't ended, & FAVRE!

The Good Point - Blindsiding The Blind Side
I was interviewed for this piece on the importance of the left tackle position in the NFL.

Details of the McNabb deal | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/16/2009
According to the league source, McNabb's $12 million salary for 2009 makes him the third-highest-paid quarterback in the league behind Indianapolis' Peyton Manning and Kansas City's Matt Cassel. Matt Cassel?!

Eagles should ask about Brandon Marshall | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/16/2009
Why the Denver receiver would make sense for the Eagles.

Eagles' weakness: No. 1 wide receiver - NFC East - ESPN
To be honest, I had a hard time coming up with something to choose for Philadelphia. Obviously, I am very high on this team and yes, the Eagles are my current pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

New NFL union chief presses his case | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/16/2009
The NFL Players Association was smart to choose a David-sized executive director to replace Hall of Fame lineman Gene Upshaw. The looming battle with the gargantuan and heavily fortified NFL might be won with a well-aimed stone.

Favre Nearly Confirms Plans to Play for Vikings - Daily Norseman

For Brett Favre during "Joe Buck Live," the specifics were few and far between. But by reading between the lines, it becomes clear that he'll be a Viking this season.

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