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G Cobb, K Kolb and interceptions

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There was some interesting little back & forth/backpedaling among guys covering the Eagles OTAs over the past few days. It started on Monday when Gary Cobb wrote this on his website.

I heard one of the reporters talking about how good McNabb was looking at practice and how bad Kevin Kolb was looking.

McNabb was throwing lazer downfield to Jackson, Curtis and Maclin while, Kolb was throwing interception after interception.

His assessment of Kevin Kolb caused a few panics attacks on Eagles message boards and apparently in the comments on After all, if Kolb is throwing "interception after interception" in practice... how will he ever hope to avoid doing so in a game?!

As it turns out, G Cobb neglected to include an important detail of exactly what Kolb was doing on Monday. The Daily News filled in that gap.

BTW, not trying to embarrass any well-intentioned people here, but another blog's contention that Kevin Kolb was throwing a lot of interceptions Monday got wide discussion. Problem: Kolb was running a scout team offense that was giving "looks" to the defense from the offenses of NFC East opponents. He was supposed to get picked off, and he was, several times in a row.

Soon after, G Cobb posted another update on his site.

I just became aware of the fact that my mention of Kolb throwing interception after interception at practice yesterday and the mention of the quote by somebody else has been taken too seriously. 

I don't take scouting team interceptions very seriously.  A lot of scout team plays go bad and that the design of the practice.

It isn't that big of a deal.  It's not like he's working with the team's first team offense and throwing interceptions.  In some cases, he's merely trying to give the defense a good look.

I'm sorry... I can't believe someone misinterpreted "McNabb was throwing lazer downfield to Jackson, Curtis and Maclin while, Kolb was throwing interception after interception." I mean, obviously G didn't meant that seriously!


Really G? Really you're surprised by how people took that? I don't see any way it can be taken as anything other than a jab at/snarky criticism of Kolb, which was apparently totally undeserved. The funny thing is, even after he posted his update clarifying his earlier statement, the commenters on his site apparently didn't believe him or still didn't understand...


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