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Bad economy a good time to buy Eagles tickets

Interesting article this week in the Philadelphia business journal about the cut rate prices that Eagles personal seat licenses stadium builder licenses are going for these days. By selling their seat license, a season ticket holder is selling the right to buy their tickets.

Lower-level SBLs at Lincoln Financial Field that were selling, on average, for $7,950 two years ago can be picked up for just over $6,000 today. Club-level SBLs selling for $5,800 in 2007 have plunged to $1,583, on average, this year.

The explanation is simple economics. There are less people willing to buy the licenses and more people trying to sell them. Supply is up, demand is down.

“People don’t have the discretionary cash to spend right now,” said Kyle Burks, president and founder of the Houston-based Season Ticket Rights, an online marketplace for seat license buyers and sellers. “We’ve seen an increased supply in secondary market and decreased prices. People are still buying [seat licenses], but they’re buying at lower prices.”

So if you've got a steady job and your savings or portfolio hasn't been ravaged... now might be the best time ever to buy Eagles season tickets. With the waiting list to buy season tickets from the team itself so long, getting them from other fans who need to sell could be a good option.

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