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It's all Maclin, all the time

The onslaught of Jeremy Maclin news continues...

St Louis Today had 8 writers debate the subject of who will have a better NFL career, Jeremy Maclin or Michael Crabtree? You may be surprised how split the decision is, however it is Missouri based site... Here's a little sample from either side.

Maclin. I think he’s faster and more explosive. He’s got the ability to change a game with his big-play potential as a return man. He’s dangerous after he makes the catch. And Maclin is a relentless worker who constantly strives for improvement. Crabtree has formidable talent, but he is also a diva, and is probably going to give a coaching staff headaches with his ego eruptions. Maclin isn’t that kind of kid. His personality is a plus.

Maclin is more versatile and slightly faster, but Crabtree is a notch taller (6-3 to 6-1), catches the ball better in traffic and appears stronger and more durable. I don’t think Maclin could have made the play Crabtree made to beat Texas, though I don’t think Crabtree can separate from crowds like Maclin can. Each should be a really good pro, but gut feeling is Crabtree will be more decorated by the end of his career.

Clark Judge of CBS sports seems excited about Maclin as says the Eagles now hav all the ammunition they need to win the Superbowl.

Get used to it, Philadelphia. The ammunition that McNabb said he needed to reach another Super Bowl he now has, with Maclin a grenade waiting to be pulled. There was no way the University of Missouri playmaker should have slipped out of the top 10 in last weekend's draft, but, thanks to the Oakland Raiders' reach for Darrius Heyward-Bey, he did -- lasting until the 19th pick, when the Eagles wisely traded up to get him.

"Mark my words," said an NFC general manager who asked not to be quoted, "Jeremy Maclin will have the greatest impact of all the receivers taken in the draft. The Eagles got themselves a star."

He calls Maclin, "Desean Jackson with size."

You don't have to convince me. I can't imagine you have to convince McNabb, either. In Maclin he has DeSean Jackson with size. Maclin is taller. He is heavier. He is more physical. Plus, he has soft hands. Like Jackson, he can fly, and, like Jackson, he returns kicks.

Finally, there was a series of videos done about Maclin's friends, family, teammates, and his preparation for the 2009 NFL draft call "The Maclin Project." Some very interesting stuff there.


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