Really Gil?

I usually trust Gil Brandt's balanced opinion (even though he's  a former Cowboy exec.) but this comment floored me about the Eagles abibility to "groom WRs"

Check this out:

Bob R, Connecticut

02:19 PM ET

Gil - I love these sessions - very interesting, very informative. My question is, which of the rookie WRs will have the greatest impact in their first season? Which team's system is the best for grooming WRs? Brandt40x55

Gil Brandt,

Thanks, Bob. I think the WR that has the chance to make the biggest impact is Brian Robiskie, the 36th player taken in Round 2 by the Cleveland Browns. Robiskie has been around the pro game for years, since his dad is a long-time NFL coach. And Brian is a pretty good player in his own right.

I'm not sure about the second part of the question. All teams do a good job working receivers into the system; it's just hard for rookies to make a big impact at the position. I guess if I had to pick on e team, it would be Philadelphia. Just look at the BOLD type (question and answer) interesting perspective. Do you see this for the Eagles? Here's the link