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Eagles Notes - Macho Harris, Kevin Curtis hurt, & Quintin Mikell

We've already heard the pretty inspiring story of Jeremy Maclin, but as it turns out new Eagles DB Victor "Macho" Harris has a pretty inspiring story of his own.

Harris endured a lifetime’s worth of angst and change as an 18-year-old high school senior. In a span of 10 days he almost lost his house and family to a fire and lost his mother to a brain aneurism on Christmas night.

Harris also was part of a student body at Virginia Tech that had to heal from a deadly shooting spree on campus two years ago, and later that year, dodged 9mm bullets shot into the off-campus apartment he shared with three others.

You wonder how close you should stand to Victor Harris until you hear the very detailed story from him and sync it to the smile, until you shake the hand of the arm decorated with skin grafts and check out the tattoo of "Mama’s Boy” on the biceps.

I highly reccomend you read that entire story and hear what Harris had to say. You can't help but root for the guy.

Kevin Curtis had to have another surgery done to completely fix the sports hernia that he had last year.

"As I started rehabbing, I started having groin issues," Curtis said yesterday. "I was able to play through the season, and I felt pretty decent . . . I didn't want to report back [this spring] still having some issues with this . . . We weren't getting anywhere with it."

You may remember that Curtis had surgery during camp last year and missed a portion of the first half of the season.

Andy Reid made a funny...

Asked Sunday if the acquisitions of Weaver, two offensive linemen (Jason Peters and Stacy Andrews), and a rookie running back (LeSean McCoy) signaled a newfound devotion to the run, the Eagles coach joked: "We're striving to lead the league in rushing this year."

Finally, the Daily News did a very extensive and interesting piece on Quintin Mikell.

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