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Eagles Notes: Demps drawing praise, Weaver excited, and Jim Johnson's condition

The last game Quintin Demps was pretty rough for him, the NFC title game. Not only did he slip and fall which allowed Larry Fitzgerald to catch a long TD, he also hurt the team with a blatant late hit on Kurt on Warner. He finally addressed that game this weekend.

"I was going through it for a month,’’ said Demps, talking about forgetting the last game he played. "But it happens to the best of us. (Fitzgerald) is the best receiver in the league. I was there, but there’s no excuses in this league. I got burned.’’

As for the hit on Warner, Demps was even more forthcoming.

"After thinking about that, I didn’t feel good about it,’’ Demps said. "You know, at the end of the day, we’re all as one in the NFL. It was a cheap shot. But I was frustrated at the time. I got burned for a touchdown. They weren’t kicking me the ball on kick returns. I got stiff armed.’’

It's good to hear that Demps seems to have taken that game as a learning experience. That's the important thing. All rookies make mistakes, but how they learn from them is what really determines what kind of players they'll develop into. Jim Johnson singled Demps out for praise in his first press conference.

"I like Quintin Demps a lot, I really do,” Johnson said. "And you know how I feel about Dawkins. We miss a big part of our stuff. But I do like Demps. I think the guy loves to play football. He’s got the same enthusiasm Dawk does. I feel pretty good right now as far as safety is concerned.”

Speaking of Jim Johnson, he is still battling cancer and gave us a bit of an update on his condition.

"It’s something you have to deal with every day,” Johnson said. "I’m still going through treatment, hoping to get it done. Sure, it affects your life. You think about it every day, no question, as far as the pain a little bit here and there. But the thing about when I come here to work is that it feels good. It’s not going to be like this all the time. Hopefully we’ll get that injury back so I’m walking on the field.”

Gotta love that the guy is such a football coach that refers to cancer as an "injury."

Remember when Sheldon Brown said that he expected a whole bunch of other Eagles to express displeasure with their contracts? Well, Bob Brookover went around asking everyone if they were satisfied with their deals and didn't find any upset players.

Finally, new fullback Leonard Weaver just seems like an all around happy guy.

"It's been quite an adjustment," Weaver said. "It's been kind of fun. (I've) been able to (fit) right into the offense because it's pretty much the same. (I've) been able to allow my talent to kind of shine a little bit, kind of go through that veteran move. But it's been great being with Westbrook, seeing him out there, Donovan and all the guys out there, watching that big offensive line we got. It's been awesome."

"I'm like, 'my gosh, we have a huge offensive line,'" Weaver said. "I definitely look forward to it. I'm definitely excited playing in this division (with) this team. I'm just excited to get things going."

Other small notes...

Former Eagles safety Mike Zordich has returned as a coaching intern for the summer. K/P Sam Swank has been drawing praise for his punts. Marty Morninwheg singled out Reggie Brown for praise.

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