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Jon Runyan says he would win a job with the Eagles

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This week, did a great piece on one of the great Eagles and one of the NFL's great iron men Jon Runyan. Ross Tucker caught up with the free agent RT to see how his rehab from microfracture surgery was going and to find out exactly why he still wanted to continue playing.

"It becomes a thing where I have done it for so long, it is just what I do," said Runyan, who saw every penny of three substantial NFL contracts, beginning with four seasons with the Oilers/Titans, then for nine more with the Eagles. "I have been conditioned to do this at this point, and it is like I am in that rut. I am more than prepared to step away from the game, which really makes it easier to continue to play. I love the competition, I love the game and know I could move on but don't want to."

Tucker notes that the Eagles have basically moved on from Runyan with the acquisitions of Peters and Andrews, but Runyan says that if he were brought into camp he would win a starting job.

"No matter what they did in free agency or moving guys around, [players] are going to get the opportunity to compete for the starting job," he said. "I know me, and I will win that competition."

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