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Bird Droppings 5/26/09

New feature here on the site and one that I think will help to liven up things a bit in this painfully slow portion of the NFL calendar. Bird Droppings will be a daily link dump feature where I highlight what the local and national football writers are saying about the Eagles or whatever...

I contemplated calling this new feature "The Linc" and expanding that to everyday, but I think I'm going to leave "The Linc" as a place to highlight what bloggers only have to say. Plus, there's no way I could find a new picture of a cute girl in an Eagles jersey every day of the week... I also thought about calling the new feature "Birdseed" or something like that, but "Bird Droppings" had more of a ring to it. Plus, we very well may be highlighting some crappy stories. Zing!

Oh and if the photoshop wizards who check out the site want to make a cool banner for this new feature... that would be awesome.

Anyway, without further ado let's kick off the inagural edition of Bird Droppings.

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