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Quotable: Eagles at minicamp

Rookie RB Lesean McCoy found himself a little starstruck standing in the huddle with Brian Westbrook & Donovan McNabb.

"Playing next to Westbrook, that's all weird, man," McCoy told reporters. "Watching him on TV, seeing him on the games. Then you're at camp with him. And being in the huddle with McNabb, it's crazy, man," he said.

Speaking of being a little starstruck, Cornelius Ingram felt it when he walked by Donovan McNabb's locker.

"I walked by it pretty slow and then I turned around and walked past it again,” said tight end Cornelius Ingram, the fifth-round pick out of Florida. "I think one day he will be in the Hall of Fame.”

Donovan McNabb has chosen not to address the media at minicamp. Andy Reid seemed to think eventually McNabb would hold a press conference.

"He’s done a great job, at least he did today and he has over the last ten years of leading this football team. That to me is very important, that he continues to do that and obviously somewhere he’ll talk to you along the line here. I haven’t really talked to him about that, but somewhere he will talk to the media.”

Shawn Andrews was asked whether his brother was upset that he was moved from RT to RG to make room for Shawn.

"(Stacy) has no hard feelings about it," Shawn Andrews said. "He's excelled at guard. The team didn't say if he was going to play guard or tackle when he first came here, so this is where he is and he's excited to get on the field when he does."

Shawn also said that he's been looking forward to playing tackle the whole offseason.

"I was definitely looking forward to playing left tackle,” said Shawn Andrews, sporting a Mohawk. "This whole offseason, I was taking left tackle sets and it felt very natural. It was a very natural feeling that I got just putting my hand down on the left side. I don’t know if that had anything to do with me being left-handed or not but it definitely felt natural.”

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