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Jim Johnson takes indefinite leave of absence

Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, who has been battling cancer since last year, will take an indefinite leave of absence from the team to focus on his treatment.

Andy Reid had this to say

"Jim and I agreed that he needs to concentrate all of his efforts on his recovery. His health is number one. He's struggling, but he's a tough guy and a true battler. I hope everyone will keep him in their thoughts and prayers during this period of time. We hope to have him back with the team as soon as possible."

In Johnson's absence, secondary coach Sean McDermott will assume defensive coordinator duties.

Honestly, there's just not much to say here. Football is obviously a secondary concern and while I certainly hope to see Jim back on the sidelines at some point, I think everyone will join me in saying that we simply hope he gets better. I'd be happy if he never came back if that's what it took for him to beat this disease.

So best of luck of Jim, we'll all be thinking about you.

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