Per Eskin, Eagles never offered Brown for Boldin, Rather it was vice versa!

Yes, Howard said that no one should believe the hype we are reading in all of the blogs. He said on Friday that the Eagles never offered Brown. And that those reports are not accurate. He said, per a source close to the team that the story is partially correct. Philadelphia offered picks only to Arizona for WR Anquan Boldin, but he said that Arizona was not interested. Rather they inquired on Sheldon Brown, and the Eagles refused the trade.

That means that we could have gotten Boldin for Brown, and kept our pick. Wow, we kept a disgruntled CB while having an opportunity to get a stud WR. I think Sheldon has a legitimate change of getting his deal redone, if he shuts his mouth and plays well next year. He may be our most solid CB and he's a heck of a leader. Why would we keep him unless we knew we could make him happy. Imagine, they turned down Boldin for him.

That speaks volumes as to how the Eagles feel about Brown. I think that the Eagles don't like to get bullied publicly about contracts. As that opens up a Pandora's Box of problems with other players asking for new deals. But in this case, we had a chance to upgrade our team and move Brown in the same move. I think the Eagles can still save face by rewarding Brown with a slightly better deal at the end of the year. They will come off as a more personable team that looks out for their players. After all, Westbrook was public about his beef, and still got his deal done. You have to be able to produce, and be a good person, and the Eagles will meet you half way if you shut your pie hole.

I think Sheldon is getting a new deal eventually with the Eagles.