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The Linc 5.15.09 Let the Times handle it

The NY Times did an interesting piece on Shawn Andrews and his ongoing battle with depression. It's a pretty revealing piece about his life and what happened with him last year. Obviously, this is something Shawn will always deal with, but the fact that he's back and talking about it can only be a positive sign. (NY Times)

Speaking of that story... It's one thing for a blog with no team access to paraphrase newspaper report, but it's a little funny for a newspaper to basically repeat another papers story. Doubly silly when the out of town paper did a piece that should have been done by the local paper... (

RealScouts rank Eagles C Jamal Jackson as the 5th best at his position in the NFL. (Sporting News)

If you're feeling good about the Eagles and want to lay a wager on them getting more than 9 wins this year... you can go to Delaware now! (Lottery Times)

Speaking of the over/under, Rich Hoffman thinks the Eagles were "shortchanged" (Idle Rich)

As pointed out in the fanposts, the Sporting News named Donovan McNabb the 7th best QB in the NFL. (Sporting News)

The Eagles fancast reviews the Eagles draft. (Eagles Fancast)

It seems that with all the flashy additions, people have forgotten about Kevin Curtis. With his continuing groin issues, maybe we should... (Iggles Blog)

Peter King ranks the Eagles at #6 in his first power ranking of the year. He actually has the Bears at #4.... Reallly? (Sports Illustrated)

I'll admit it, I loved the Mighty Ducks movies. So, for that reason, this is awesome. Knucklepuck! (First Cuts)

Is this the worst baseball play ever? (HMJ)

Corey Blount got arrested for possession of marijuanna. Get it? (With Leather)

Hey look, pictures from the local Lingerie football tryouts. (

Finally, at 12:20 today the WFC Phillies will make their trip to the White House to meet President Obama. See the live stream of the event here. (

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