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Revisiting the Jamie Moyer & Brian Dawkins decisions

A number of local writers, fans, and message board commentors noted the paralells between the situations the Eagles and Phillies faced this offseason with Brian Dawkins and Jamie Moyer.

Two very popular older players who had shown signs of slowing down and were both free agents. Both teams allowed the players to reach free agency, but the Phillies decided to give Moyer a guaranteed two year contract while the Eagles decided not to do the same for Dawkins. Neither team wanted to give the older player the contract. The Phillies wanted to do a one year deal with Moyer. The Eagles had made a multi year offer to Dawkins, but the guaranteed money and years were not as high as the offer Denver made.

One team decided to back off it's stance and one didn't.

Of course, the Eagles were slated for their decision. They were the cold hearted organization that cares only about the almighty dollar. The Phillies were painted as the benevolent organization who "gets it." It was said that the Phillies understand that sometimes you have to "overpay" to keep around fan favorites or good locker room guys.

Let's revisit that decision. The Phillies gave the 46 year old Moyer a 2 year, $13 million contract this year. So far, he hasn't even come close to earning that money. His ERA is over 8 and he's registered just one quality start all year. This is what the Phillies feared. This is why they only wanted to do a one year deal with Moyer... but it appears they allowed sentimentality to affect their judgement. You have to wonder whether the Phillies would give him that same contract today if they had it to do over again.

I have a feeling that they really wouldn't have cared how much the fans or fellow players like him if they knew that this is what they'd be getting on the field...

2009 - Jamie Moyer 3-3 8.15 1.84 19 13


I want to be clear. I'm not trying to pick on Jamie Moyer or even pat the Eagles on the back. I'm a big fan of Jamie Moyer. I'll never forget listening to him speak in the stadium after watching the parade. Moyer could very well turn around his season. Dawkins could very well have two fabulous years in Denver and be worth every penny of the contract he signed there... I'm simply trying to illustrate the point that people are quick to criticize a team for making a business decision. Fans love to spend money when it isn't theirs... But the fact is that sports is a business and while us as fans can be sentimental teams can not be. They have to make the decisions they feel are best regardless of how cold or "heartless" they may seem.

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