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Sheldon Brown meets with Joe Banner

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Comcast sportsnet's Derrick Gunn is reporting that Eagles president Joe Banner and disgruntled CB Sheldon have sat down with one another to clear the air over their recent back and forth in the media.

A source has told CSN’s Derrick Gunn that Brown and Eagles president Joe Banner have met and agreed to let “cooler heads prevail.” No other details regarding the meeting were disclosed.

When Sheldon went public with his contract unhappiness earlier in the season, the Eagles responded with a lengthy statement about basically Sheldon had no right to be unhappy. Then Sheldon fired back, Joe Banner went on TV to respond and so on...

Sheldon has already expressed that he doesn't want continue making a spectacle for the rest of the year. Clearly the Eagles want the same, so hopefully this meeting means we've pretty much heard the last of this contract nonsense... at least for a while.

THanks to BroadStBullies for the fanpost on this and the funny pic he posted with it....

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