Brown and Banner agree to let "cooler heads prevail."


Eagles Meet With Frustrated Brown

Sheldon Brown and the Eagles have made an attempt to clear the air.

A source has told CSN’s Derrick Gunn that Brown and Eagles president Joe Banner have met and agreed to let "cooler heads prevail." No other details regarding the meeting were disclosed.

Just days before the NFL draft, Brown publicly complained about his contract situation and demanded to be traded. The seven-year veteran cornerback felt the Eagles were unaware of his unhappiness with his contract, which runs through 2012.

The Eagles responded with a lengthy statement that criticized Brown’s tactics, explained that his contract is indeed fair, and denied his request to be traded. During the draft that weekend, the Eagles acquired cornerback Ellis Hobbs from the Patriots for a pair of fifth-round picks. Hobbs and Brown shared reps with the first team during the post-draft minicamp.

Satisfied that his frustration is public, Brown said during the minicamp that he is ready to move forward and intent on preventing the situation from becoming a "media circus."


Good to see the FO not taking their typical hard line approach with Sheldon, especially if he agrees to "let cooler heads prevail".


Time has proven again and again this IS NOT the organization to have the "bigger dick" contest with.


Good for both sides for taking the high road and avoiding a TO type circus.




ps. check the source link above for video