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Sheldon Brown arrives in camp ready for football

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Sheldon Brown showed up to the Eagles first spring practice yesterday in a decidedly different mood than he seems to have been in recent weeks. Smiling, Brown tried to put his situation in perspective.

"I knew the repercussions of everything before I did it,” Brown said. "I’m ready to do whatever. It’s not going to weigh on my mind. My job is to play football, and that’s what I do. I told you it wasn’t going to be a media circus. I’m going to speak one time and one time only and this is your time. After this I’ve got to go to work.”

Sheldon also said that he never wanted to speak out, but that Joe Banner's comments forced his hand. As I remember it Joe was responding to Sheldon... but apparently he doesn't see it that way. Also, the return of 3rd person Sheldon Brown!

"The thing that got me to speak out was a person denying that I haven’t been brought to his attention,” Brown said. "So I’m just putting it out there. It’s been brought to his attention and I’m letting everybody know about it. I fight for what I believe in. Do you think Sheldon Brown, the guy you’ve known seven years, really wanted to go that route? I just wanted the truth to be known.

In the end, he wanted to let the fans know it's not about them.

"To the fans, I apologize,” Brown said. "It’s just business.”

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