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Brian Westbrook talks about his health, Eagles offseason

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Brian Westbrook met the media yesterday and talked about how he's feeling and shared his thoughts on the Eagles offseason so far.

He was asked about the possibility of the Eagles taking a RB early in this month's draft

"I have no problem with that," Westbrook said. "You definitely see that throughout the league where you have two or three guys that can play. Any talent that you bring on this team ? running back, quarterback, receiver, line, whatever it is ? it definitely will help this team, and that's what you're looking for to win football games."

On Brian Dawkins departure.

"I talked to Brian throughout that process and it was tough for him and it was tough for me as well because we're very good friends," Westbrook said. "Now that he's getting used to being out in Denver, I'm happy for him and I know he'll do a great job out there. As a team, we have to rebuild and try to fill that void he left, go forward and win football games."

He thinks the Andrews brothers and Leonard Weaver will help the run game

"Just to have those three guys ? Shawn coming back and those two guys coming in ? it's very exciting for me," Westbrook said. "They'll do a great job and, hopefully, it will give us an opportunity to run the ball a little bit more and be effective."

Last year, Donovan McNabb supported Westbrook when he was looking for a new deal... and it sounds like Westbrook is repaying the favor.

"Do I think he deserves a contract? Absolutely," Westbrook said. "I think Donovan means so much to this football team. He brings leadership, he brings a lot of value on the field as well. He has brought so much to the team and this organization as well as the city. Hopefully, he's able to handle his business and the way he wants to get it done."

Finally, after his offseason knee surgery Brian Westbrook hopes to finally play pain free.

"I'm feeling good," Westbrook said. "I had pain in my knee for a few years now. I'm excited to play football pain-free. When you're part of the NFL, you have to play hurt sometimes. You just try to help your team as much as possible."