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Eagles beat the Giants to Maclin

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I love reading these little backroom dealings from draft day. They really give you a great peek into all the wheeling and dealing that goes on. This particular deal worked out well for us and took a player from a division rival.

Before drafting North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks with their own pick at No. 29, the Giants had worked out the parameters of a trade with the Lions to move up to the 20th pick, according to someone briefed on the negotiations between the two teams.

The person, who requested anonymity because the Giants don't discuss war-room talks publicly, didn't divulge what was being offered to Detroit but said the trade was contingent on Missouri wide receiver Jeremy Maclin's being available for the Giants to select at that spot.

The plan was nixed when the Eagles, probably sensing the Lions were shopping their pick, jumped up two spots to No. 19 (by giving the Browns a sixth-round selection) to pick Maclin, whom they hadn't considered a possible target because they didn't expect him to fall that far. It's unclear if Philly knew its division rival was the team getting ready to pounce on Maclin.

Reports yesterday said that Giants had Maclin as the top rated WR on their board, even above Crabtree.