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Sheldon Brown softens stance, will report to minicamp

This little nugget has been mentioned in the fanposts and fanshots, but it's certainly worth mentioning again. Disgruntled CB Sheldon Brown will report to the Eagles' mandatory mini camp this weekend.

"Yeah, I'll be there," he said as he boarded a plane in South Carolina

He also said his comments from last week didn't mean he'd all of a sudden become a "villain"

"You can take that in another light," he said. "I'm the leader on the football team, and it's bad for players to see me in a situation where I'm not happy. But I'm not going to blow up the NovaCare Complex. I'm not going to be one of the guys who puts on a show week in and week out when the media comes to my locker."

That's certainly a better stance than "you don't want me in that locker room."