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NFC East rival draft notes

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Moving the Chains got some interesting info from a NY Daily News chat. The Giants actually had Jeremy Maclin as the #1 rated WR on their board, even above Michael Crabtree. The DN writer said they didn't necessarily "try" to move up for Maclin, but they inquired about the price. So according to the Giants, the Eagles got the best WR in the draft.

The Redskins tried to move up for Mark Sanchez, but GM Vinny Cerrato decided "it was too expensive." I'm sad to say but the Redskins might actually be figuring out how this whole draft thing works! That's not good, give us back the old Skins who trade away all their picks for old players that never work out!

The Dallas Cowboys draft has been pretty much roundly slated by critics, but Dallas fans are quick to remind us that draft grades don't matter anyway. They don't, but fans of teams who have a poorly graded draft are often the quickest to point that out... We've all done it.

I was thinking about the Cowboys draft today and I personally think it was terrible for one reason. Forget their picks because honestly I dont know much of anything about these second day guys they grabbed. That's for others to judge. Where this draft really failed was when they traded for Roy Williams. They traded their first, third, and fifth round picks in this draft last year for Roy Williams who proceeded to give them nothing that year.

Right now, that trade looks terrible. Dallas fans have cautioned me though not to judge the trade so quick because Williams might become a good player after spending a full offseason in the system. That may well be true... However, the trade will still be terrible anyway and here's why. Roy Williams was in the final year of his contract. He would have been an unresticted free agent this offseason. When Dallas traded for him, they signed him to a massive new 6 year $54 million contract. Had they waited a few months, they could have had Williams for probably the exact same money but not have given up any picks.

They gave up a first, third, & a fifth in this draft for Roy Williams' 19 receptions last year. Had they waited a few months, they could have had him and the players they would have taken with the first, third, & fifth round picks they gave up. Just think how differently people would be looking at the Dallas offseason then?

At least Cowboy fans liked our draft.