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Eagles 2009 NFL draft grades

Now that the draft is done it's time for the experts to weigh in with their grades of everyone's draft. The grades are based more or less on the perception of value for a pick and whether the person handing out the grades thinks a team filled the holes he thinks they had...

No doubt that players some people call bad picks will be great and vice versa... but these grades are usually fun to read anyway, especially when they say glowing things about your team like the Eagles' grades do.

Mocking the Draft averaged out various draft grades and found "The clear top drafting team was Philadelphia, which landed weapons like Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy. By no surprise, Oakland finished last by a wide margin."

Pete Prisco from CBS sports gives the Eagles an A+ saying "If you count adding left tackle Jason Peters and corner Ellis Hobbs, they had an amazing week." 

Jeffery Chadia from ESPN calls Jeremy Maclin one of the 10 "best fits" of the draft.

Jason Cole of Yahoo sports lists the Eagles as one of his big winners from the draft.

Paul Domowich gave the Eagles an A+ saying "All in all, a helluva draft."

The Sporting News gives the Eagles draft an A saying "their offense has become more dangerous."

John Czarnecki of Fox Sports scores the Eagles an A. Like almost everyone evaluating the Eagles draft this year, he counts Jason Peters as the most significant addition. He also said that 18 teams apparently had Maclin as the #1 rated WR on their boards.

Dennis Dillion of the Sporting News lists Cornelius Ingram as one of the ten rookies "primed to make an instant impact."

Todd McShay counted the Eagles and Packers as his best NFC teams on draft day.

Matt Mosely, ESPN's NFC East blogger, liked the Eagles draft and said "somehere McNabb is smiling."

Peter King said the Eagles did "the best value picking of any team on day one of the draft"