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Eagles 2009 draft wrap-up

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The 2009 draft is over. While it is the centerpiece of the NFL offseason and a great event... by the time it does end you find yourself very much grateful to see it go. It's two long, long days.

- The Eagles draft pretty much started with the mega trade that sent their #28 overall pick and a 4th rounder to the Bills for pro bowl LT Jason Peters.

- The Eagles first actual draft pick came after they traded up 3 2 spots to grab WR Jeremy Maclin 6'1, 200lbs from Missouri.

- The Eagles shored up a need in the second round with the selection of 5'11, 210lb RB Lesean "Shady" McCoy from Pittsburgh.

- The Eagles then made a series of trades that saw them drop down in the 3rd round and then out of it in a trade with the Saints. They picked up an extra fifth rounder and a third rounder next year in the process.

- The Eagles would then make yet another trade, but this time they netted an actual player by sending two 5th round picks for New England Patriots CB Ellis Hobbs.

- The Eagles would make three picks from #153 to #159 in the fifth round, the first being 6'4 245lb TE Cornelius Ingram from Florida. ESPN's Todd McShay called Ingram the "best pick of the fifth round."

- The first defensive player selected came at #157 overall, 5'11 CB Victor "Macho" Harris from Virgina Tech.

- At #159 the Eagles grabbed 6-6, 330lb OT Fenuki Tupou from the Oregon Ducks.

- The Eagles then traded their 164th overall pick to the Saints for a seventh rounder this year and the Saints fifth rounder next year.

- With the 194th overall pick the Eagles took their fourth skill position player, 6-1 WR Brandon Gibson from Washington State.

- In the 7th round the Eagles would turn their attention back to the offensive line with the selection of OG Paul Fanaika from Arizona St.

- The Eagles final pick would also be the second defensive player taken, 223lb OLB Moises Fokou.