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Rumor: Eagles interested in Denver TE Tony Scheffler

We've heard rumors over the past few weeks that Denver TE Tony Scheffler is on the trading block because he doesn't really fit the mold of the TE the New England style offense uses.

With the Broncos pick of TE Richard Quinn in the second round and their acquisition of Daniel Graham last year, Scheffler has become expendable and Bob Brookover hears that the Eagles could be interested.

Don't be surprised if they use their extra third-round pick in next year's draft to make a trade with Denver for tight end Tony Scheffler. The teams have talked about a deal and the Eagles told the Broncos they would be interested depending on what they do in this draft.

The "extra third" he refers to is the 2010 third round pick the team acquired from Seattle for trading out of the third round this year.

The 26 year old Scheffler is 6'5 240lbs and runs a 4.54 40. He's fast with good hands, but has had durability concerns. If a deal were to happen, it would likely take place after the draft.