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NFL draft day 2 live blog

This is where the Eagles war room calls to place their picks.
This is where the Eagles war room calls to place their picks.

Just mere hours after getting home last night, I was back on a train early this morning to get back to Radio City Music hall for day 2 of the NFL draft. Today rounds three through seven will be picked and the Eagles have seven selections to make.

Round 3: Pick 85

Round 5: Pick 141

Round 5: Pick 153

Round 5: Pick 157

Round 5: Pick 159

Round 6: Pick 194

Round 7: Pick 230

We'll be analyzing each pick and of course reporting on the goings on here at Radio City. Follow me on twitter for even more draft goodness!

[Note by JasonB, 04/26/09 10:11 AM EDT ] Roger Goodell welcomes us to day 2 of the NFL draft with news of a trade. The Jets are on the clock and choose RB Shonn Greene. Good pick.

[Note by JasonB, 04/26/09 10:28 AM EDT ] Major boos and "Dallas sucks" chants as Roger Goodell announces their first pick in this draft. Goodell couldn't help but smile at all the boos.

[Note by JasonB, 04/26/09 10:31 AM EDT ] There's little doubt that the two most hated teams by the fans here in Radio City are the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys. Both are generally hated by most fans, but in a crowd made up of mostly Jets. Giants, and Eagles fans those two will get it extra bad.

[Note by JasonB, 04/26/09 10:51 AM EDT ] Roger Goodell prevents another chorus of boos for the Dallas pick by having a Marine announce the pick. Well played Goodell. Well played....

[Note by JasonB, 04/26/09 11:10 AM EDT ] It appears like every top TE left on the board will fall to the Eagles in their 3rd round. They should have their pick of 3 or 4 really promising TEs.

[Note by JasonB, 04/26/09 11:12 AM EDT ] EAGLES ON THE CLOCK