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With the 53rd overall selection the Eagles take RB Lesean McCoy

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Drew Rosenhaus' smiling face just flashed on the screen as he put an Eagles hat on Pitt RB Lesean McCoy.

The Eagles continue to load up on offensive skill positions with the selection of exciting Pitt RB Lesean McCoy. McCoy was a TD machine at PItt with 35 TDs the past two years. Last year he scored 21 TDs and rushed for just under 1,500 yards.

Mocking the draft scouting report

5'11, 210 pounds | Pittsburgh | Running back

McCoy is a good all-around back who has the speed and shiftiness of a good back and plus receiving skills for the position. McCoy's best tool is his quickness. He uses it bust a run outside or inside without losing speed. Played mostly in one-back formations, which forced him to follow blockers or make space with his moves. An exceptional cut-back runner. Good hands in the receiving game. Also knows how to run good routes and will be an asset on screen passes.

Weaknesses: Needs to get stronger. McCoy often tries to go off tackle instead of just charging up the middle to get the tough yards. Has to hold the ball tighter to avoid fumbling. Likes to cutback a lot but doesn't have the greatest quickness so this area of his game may translate poorly to the next level. Has to be taught how to block better.

Final word: McCoy is a shifty and strong running back. Although he maybe should have returned for his senior year, he can start in the NFL immediately. Easily the top player in Pittsburgh's offense, McCoy often saw eight-man fronts and still excelled. Strong receiving skills will make McCoy a sound every-down back.

Round projection: 1

Jason Cole of Yaho sports was sitting next to us and remarked, "That's a nice pick. I like that better than Moreno for where it is."

I talked to another NFL beat writer and asked why Drew Rosenhaus was spending draft day with Lesean McCoy. He said that McCoy was his top guy in this draft and that Drew doesn't really go after college guys anymore.