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All is well with Shawn Andrews

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Earlier today PFT reported that a "league source" told them the Eagles have "contacted at least one team" about possibly moving guard Shawn Andrews.

However, the Inquirer's Bob Brookover spoke to the same "source" and found that the report was erroneous.

The Eagles, contrary to what one "league source" is saying, are not contemplating a trade that would send two-time Pro Bowl guard Shawn Andrews elsewhere.

A team source said that today after's Eagleterian and apparently talked to the same source about this issue.

Brookover also inquired about Shawn Andrews' contract situation after his Daily News colleague wondered whether the Big Kid might want a raise...


Furthermore, there is not an issue about Andrews' contract even though he is now making considerably less money than his big brother Stacy and the recently acquired Jason Peters, who was Shawn's teammate at Arkansas.

"He just wants to play ball," Andrews' agent Rich Moran said in a text today. "No contract issue that I know of Bob."

So, I guess the news is... there's no news.