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Report: Sheldon Brown requesting trade

WIP is reporting that CB Sheldon Brown has requested a trade from the Eagles. There's been some rumors floating around for a while that Sheldon was looking for more money but he has stayed relatively quiet about the subject.

Could the new contract recieved by Joselio Hanson have been what tipped Sheldon over the edge?

It's easy to Sheldon should just shut up and be happy with the extension he signed a few years ago... but it's also hard to argue with his tactics just a day after seeing the Eagles spend huge money for a guy that was upset with his contract elsewhere.

We'll keep an eye on this story as it develops, but I'm guessing that the rumors of the Eagles taking a CB with the #21 pick will start to heat up. The Eagles have already worked out several of the draft's top CBs this offseason. Sean Smith & Vontae Davis.