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Anatomy of a mega trade

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The Eagles trade for Jason Peters appears to be the largest in terms of value given up in the history of the franchise. Not only did they give up a first round, 4th round, and reportedly a future 6th round pick... but the Eagles also made Peters the highest paid OL in the NFL.

There's no doubt that this was a mega trade and we've learned that it was over a year in the making. Eagles president Joe Banner was a guest on "Eagles Live!" talked about the process that led to Peters arrival in Philadelphia.

The Eagles first inquired about Peters a year ago when he first held out of training camp over a contract dispute. The Bills told the Eagles that Peters was not avialable and that was that.

About 4 weeks ago the Bills placed a call to the Eagles and asked if they were still interested in Peters. The Eagles initial offer was nowhere close to what the Bills were looking for. They went back forth on a few proposals over the next few weeks and nothing got done.

Then the Bills tabled a "take it or leave it" offer which the Eagles refused. At that point Banner thought the deal was dead. However, Buffalo came back this past Wednesday and asked for the Eagles to give them their best offer. The Eagles made the offer, Buffalo "tweaked it" a bit and as Banner put it changed "nothing that was really relevant" and the deal was done.

Banner also talked about how this stuff is rather normal over the course of the NFL offseason. The Eagles engage in these talks about many players and usually nothing comes of it, but sometimes things get done. It really makes you wonder what kind of discussions they've had and about what players?

It also makes you think that all the rumors you hear of the Eagles being "interested" in this player or that may very well be true. At the very least it certainly seems that they're making calls about all these players we always hear about.