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Getting to know Jason Peters

The Eagles have reportedly pulled off arguably the second largest deal of the offseason by trading multiple picks for Bill's LT Jason Peters. However, having played for Buffalo in the AFC most of us Eagles fans haven't seen much of Peters and don't know a whole lot about him.

So let's meet our new 6-4 340lb LT.

Peters entered the NFL as an undrafted rookie free tight end in 2006. He ended up getting cut and added to the Bills practice squad. He was added to the main roster later that year and played special teams and acted as a blocking TE.

The following year, Peters won the starting right tackle job for the Bills and his impressive play earned him a new 5 year contract. The next year, Peters was shifted to LT midway through the season and earned his first pro bowl berth. He was also named to the NFL All Pro team.

The following offseason Peters wanted a new contract that he felt was more inline with his newfound all pro LT status. He ended up skipping most of the Bills' offseason program and struggled at times last year. His pass blocking specifically suffered as gave up 11 sacks and battled injuries. That said, he was dominant at times in the run game and earned his second straight pro bowl berth.

The general feeling with Peters' performance last year was that his unhappiness with his contract and the fact that he didn't show up for camp really affected his play. Most league analysts think that if Peters gets a new deal and is in camp, he should be every bit the dominant all pro tackle he was in 2007. While the holdout certainly doesn't speak well to his character, no one can accuse the guy of being lazy and he's never gotten into any type of trouble. He turned himself from an undrafted TE in a two time pro bowl left tackle. He certainly did deserve a raise, but you can't like the way he went about trying to get it. That said, it seems like when he gets his new deal he'll be happy and we should have a pretty damn good player.

The prospect of an Andrews, Andrews, Jackson, Herremans, Peters line is something that should make Eagles fans giddy.

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