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Clayton: Jason Peters flying to Philadelphia

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John Clayton and Sal Pal are jointly reporting that Bills' pro bowl LT Jason Peters has been asked to fly to Philadelphia to take a physical and work out a new contract in expectation of a trade getting done in the very near future.

The Philadelphia Eagles are close to working out a trade with the Buffalo Bills to acquire left tackle Jason Peters, multiple sources said Friday.

Terms of the Eagles' proposal are not known, but Peters was asked to fly to Philadelphia today to meet with team officials. The Eagles have 12 picks, including two first-round selections, in next weekend's NFL draft; it is believed they might have to give up a first-round pick -- or more -- to acquire him.

A trade would be contingent on Peters passing a physical exam, but it might also require Peters agreeing to a contract extension. If that is the case, talks between the Eagles and the player's agent, Eugene Parker, have not yet begun because of the swiftness of the discussions.

Our pals over at Buffalo Rumblings have confirmed through a source in the organization that the Bills and Eagles have held discussions over Peters. However, this news is the first to suggest that a deal is imminent.

SUGMG$ beat me by a couple minutes!