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Knowshon Moreno to visit Eagles

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According to Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno will visit or has visited the Eagles before the draft. The Eagles have already worked out other top backs Donald Brown and Lesean McCoy. Moreno appears to be the ideal combination of running and catching that the Eagles look for in a back.

Moreno will also be visiting the Browns & Saints(everyone remember slamming me for picking the RB with the Saints?)

Mocking the Draft scouting report on Knowshon Moreno.

5’11, 208 | Georgia | Running back

Strengths: Moreno is a complete back who can play can play every down. Possesses very good speed and a second gear to burst away on the second level. Hits holes with immediacy and reads defenses well to understand where an opening is going to be at. Uses a solid stiff arm to break away from defenders. Excellent agility. Regularly made highlight reels by leaping completely over tacklers. Runs tough and likes contact. Keeps his legs moving after first contact. Very good receiver for a running back. Has the ability to split out wide.

Weaknesses: Although Moreno put on a lot of strength between his freshman and sophomore seasons, he needs to continue getting stronger, particularly in the upper body. His power running style could be a problem at the next level where opponents will be much stronger. Moreno often seeks contact instead of using his quickness and speed to work around it. Above average pass blocker, but should get better as he gains more strength.

Final word: Moreno was somewhat of a surprise entrant into the draft following his redshirt sophomore season. However, he is ready for the NFL. Moreno rushed for 2,734 yards and 30 touchdowns while catching 53 passes for 704 yards and two touchdowns in his career. His greatest asset is his speed and quickness. Still, though, he sometimes likes to power over opponents too often and will need to learn to use his assets more appropriately. Easily the top running back in the class and may be just as good of a running back prospect as Adrian Peterson.