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Eagles in a good draft position according to Mayock

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NFL network draft guru Mike Mayock shared some of this general feeling on the draft with Peter King. Several of his thoughts are of particular interest to the Eagles.

His first thought was about value.

1. "This is by far the worst year for the top 10 that I've seen. Down around 18, 20, you'll get every bit the player you'll get in the top 10 for a third of the price.''

So it seems this isn't the year to move up? Mayock thinks the Eagles are just about in the perfect position.

4. Mayock, if he had his choice of first-round picks for talent and value, would be around 22. "The value in this draft is at 15 and beyond.''

He also thinks this will be a good year for tight ends, which the Eagles will certainly be in the market for.

5. He says eight or nine tight ends will be drafted in the first three rounds. He loves the best of the bunch, Oklahoma State's Brandon Pettigrew.

This was first brought up earlier in the week over in the fanshots by bsencore.