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With the 24th pick in the BGN community mock draft the Atlanta Falcons select...

Representing the Atlanta Falcons in the BGN community mock draft Super Charles selects...


Brandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahoma State

There are only four possible candidates I could see with the Falcons pick.  I know that the Falcons are looking at defense and I could either see them going with a linebacker, corner or the one the offensive side of the ball tight end.  As far as the defensive side Clay Matthews and Malcolm Jenkins are gone.  I think both of these two could be good fits for the Falcons.  So now I am left with two choices for their choice.
It comes down to Vontae Davis and Brandon Pettigrew.  As much as I would love for the Falcons to get a possible shut down corner I think they will get in possibly the second round and they will go with the best tight end in the draft and give Matt Ryan a new weapon to play with.  Everyone knows that the Falcons are a more run oriented team, and last season according to the insiders close to the team they thought their tight ends were possibly the worst in the league, so getting an upgrade is a logical choice.  They tried to do so in the offseason by bringing in and almost signing everyone's favorite eagle L.J.Smith but of course when they found that he did not know how to block properly than a tight end is still up on their list of needs. 
Brandon Pettigrew is the most sought after tight end prospect in this year's draft.  Scouts seem to love his size as he is a huge tight end at 6'5 and 265 and he can certainly help create holes for the offensive line so Michael Turner can have an even better season.  When it his time to make plays he does so in a big way.  He always produces great yards after catch and rarely drops a pass.  I think the Falcons will be lucky that he falls to them at this spot.

Commish take after the jump. Wildcath and the Miami Dolphins are on the clock.

Commish take - I really love this pick for the Falcons. Pettigrew is great value at #24, he fills a major need for the Falcons, and he should fit in their run first offense perfectly. I really like the pick.

Mocking the draft scouting report on Brandon Pettigrew

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24 - Atlanta Falcons - Super Charles - Brandon Pettigrew