80k people feel the Eagles weren't justified

Thanks to the always vigilant 'For your information' crew here on BGN, if first heard about the poor guy that got shit canned for his stupid facebook comment. I can with reasonable confidence say that the collective opinion of BGN was 'He deserved being fired or he should have switched his settings or something to that effect'. Well as unsuprised as all of you should be, I totally and unequivocally disagree with that argument. The thing is 80,000 other people agree with me too.

I have been so redundant it has been annoying the shit out of even me. All I say is that you guys are Eagles FO lapdogs and groupies and other stuff like that. Here is yet another example of that. Some passionate fan says something on a stupid site and he gets fired for it. Then (again I think it would be fair to say) ya'll agree with the lame Eagles organization again!!!! WTF?

Doesn't the Bill of Rights in our Constitution permit freedom of expression and press? Seriously, semantics and philology aside, was dude using a Eagles company computer or something?

Does this lame firing continue to add the terrible repuatation of the Eagles FO? I'll tell you one thing ya'll(at least you should) firing someone on the phone is weak and sorry. It makes the organization look really weak(They are, by the way), and if the Eagles FO had a favorite color it wouldn't be green, it would be Yella!!!!