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Greg Lewis traded to New England


Hot off the presses from Adam Schefter, Greg Lewis has been traded to the New England Patriots for a undisclosed draft pick.

For a few years Bill Belichick has always had an odd fascintation with Greg Lewis. Mentioning him by name even as a player New England had to watch out for when playing the Eagles. Lewis has had some good games against the Patriots, most notably when he caught a long TD in the Superbowl.

Odd that someone would trade anything for Lewis considering he's always close to being cut...

[Note by JasonB, 03/05/09 4:31 PM EST ] Per the Eagles website, the deal is Lewis for two undisclosed picks. One this year and one in 2010. Two picks for Greg Lewis?

[Note by JasonB, 03/05/09 5:00 PM EST ] Correction. The Eagles send Lewis and a 2010 pick to the Pats in exchange for a 2009 pick. Rumors are that the Eagles are sending a 7th rounder while the Pats send back a 5th rounder.