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Dawkins: "I wanted to be an Eagle"

Yesterday 950 ESPN scored an interview with Brian Dawkins that they will run in it's entirety today, but they did send out a few clips to tease... L_e11f01e74f234bdca4a8c4ee8123589e_medium

"Denver came out of the jump, and we didn’t have to prompt them to offer me anything," Dawkins said. "They came out the jump just like this. Not quite where it is right now, but it was close to that. We didn’t have to ask for anything. This is what they came out with, wanting me there. They made it clear right away that I’m not a ‘want’ there, that I’m a necessity. They feel they need me here."

"I would say they opened my eyes right away that this was a business deal. That it wasn’t about me being who I am to the team. It was about my age, and it was a business decision. And that really hurt."

"I did not want to get to free agency," Dawkins said. "I’ve never gotten to free agency, I’ve never gone to free agency. I’ve had years in the past where I could have collected big bucks on the open market, but I did not want to get there. So why would I want to get there all of a sudden now on my last contract? I wanted to be an Eagle. And they denied that."

Not much surprising about the interview, I think we all pretty much assumed that this was how it went down. The Eagles simply don't pay players in their mid 30s lots of money, and Dawkins felt that he would be an exception to that rule(he was given a new contract at 32). He wasn't.

Dawkins also said, "What I was offered was … that was it," Dawkins said. "No one gave me any impression that there would be any flexibility in it.

Two sides were playing this game. The Eagles didn't "deny" his opportunity to be an Eagle. He just wantd more money. This is not to say he didn't deserve more money or that the Eagles didn't simply lowball him as a sign that were ready to move on... it's just a statement of fact.

I love Dawkins, I think I've made that clear. However, I don't buy his melodrama here. He made a business decision just like the Eagles did. Do I believe he wanted to remain an Eagle? Yes... but not that much. He could have stayed if he wanted. Just like the Eagles may have wanted him back, but not that much. Obviously they could matched his offer if they wanted to.

No one should "hurt" by this deal. They both made the same decision.

Hear the entire interview today on 950 ESPN today.