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Eagles select in SBNation writers mock draft

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It's mock draft madness these days at BGN headquarters. Our own community draft is in full swing and at the same the third annual SBN bloggers mock draft has been underway. In that mock, each writer of the 32 SBNation football blogs act as their team's GM and make their pick.The draft is taking place at our draft site Mocking the Draft if you'd like to follow the picks.


I want to thank our own community member Clyde Simmons for playing Tom Heckert to my Andy Reid during this process. He and I have hotly debated and weighed the picks in our email warroom and collaborated on the final selections.As evidenced by his win in our draft contest last year(he predicted the pick of Mike McGlynn in round 4!), Clyde Simmons knows the draft and been a great asset.

So, if you hate the pick you can blame him as well as me!

Our first pick at #21 has been posted, and Clyde and I are currently locked in discussions over our #28 pick.

Be sure to read my defense of the pick, discuss it in the comments, and... be gentle.