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EaglesFanCast Episode 53 - Eagles Offseason Yawns

This week I was a guest on the Eagles fancast and we hit a whole bunch of Eagles topics... Below is a roundup of what we talked about and you can listen to the show itself.

Wow the Philadelphia Eagles offseason seems long this year, doesn’t it? A bunch of heartfelt losses and nothing exciting on the signing front (with no offense meant to Stacy Andrews or the others). The Eagles did sign fullback Leonard Weaver, which fills a big hole on Offense and definitely helps the running game on a few levels. Other than that it’s been rumors, speculation and a few low-impact signings. This show, our friend Jason from Bleeding Green Nation stops in to chat with us about what’s been going on with the Eagles for the last few weeks. We also hit on various players and address a few rumors about some big profile players.

What we discussed:

  • Eagles signings: FB Leonard Weaver, S Rashad Baker and S Sean Jones
  • Eagles still have a lot of holes to fill
  • The team is conservative with their money, but have gone out and spent big in the past
  • Email from Aussie Eagle re: the Eagles signing all of these players to one-year deals
  • Weaver is definitely the best acquisition so far this offseason
  • Eagles President Joe Banner talked with WIP’s Howard Eskin
  • Brian Dawkins’ leadership role in Denver
  • Rumor prospects: Anquan Boldin and Braylon Edwards
  • Thanks to Todd, we get into a Donovan McNabb talk again

Listen to the show right here.