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With the 13th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft the Washington Redskins select...

Representing the Washington Redskins in the 2009 BGN community mock draft Clyde Simmons selects...


Aaron Maybin DE Penn State

The Redskins are an interesting team to be drafting for because they actually have a lot of important roles they could easily look to fill in the first round. The Redskins are known for being big spenders in free agency, and they lived up to their reputation this year by signing two players to a combined 154 million dollars. Hall and Haynesworth both fill off season needs that will no longer have to be addressed in the draft.

The departure of Jason Taylor and Marcus Washington leaves two big holes in the skins D at SLB and DE. They also could really use an upgrade at OT.

What the Redskin’s do in this draft is very dependent on what the first 12 teams in this draft do. My original depth chart when this Mock draft started was:

  1. Aaron Curry (more of a dream)
  2. Brian Orakpo (less of a dream, but still a dream)
  3. Evertte Brown (wishful thinking?)
  4. Andre Smith (thought this was realistic)
  5. Rey Maualuga (not for need but as the best available player, could possibly fill in at SAM while he is younger, but probably doesn’t have the speed to cover TE’s)
  6. Brian Cushing
  7. Aaron Maybin
  8. Tyson Jackson
  9. Michael Oher

I’m going to go against my original depth chart and draft Aaron Maybin, DE out of Penn State. Aaron Maybin’s stock fell at the combine when his official 40 time was 4.89, ..3 seconds slower than expected. Maybin, however, made jaws drop at his proday when he ran a 4.59s 40, and has a 40.5" vertical and 10’10" broad jump. His workout, along with his success at Penn State, makes him a legit top-15 pick in my mind.

The other option I feel the Redskins could easily pursue if this were the real draft, is trading down to the 16-17 range and picking up Michael Oher. I can’t take him at 13 because I feel that there are much better players on the board, but he fills a huge need for the skins at OT. The skins only have 5 picks in this draft, their 1st, 3rd 5th 6th and a compensatory pick in the 6th, so trading down to pick up some additional picks will probably look pretty attractive.

Commish take after the jump. Waterfield and the New Orleans Saints are on the clock.

Commish take - There's little doubt that Clyde Simmons probably had the toughest draw in this mock draft trying to forecast what the Washington Redskins would do. That said, this pick makes total sense to me. The Redskins pass rush could use some help and Maybin should certainly help there. Plus, the team has spent quite a bit in terms of cash and picks over the past couple years trying to shore up their pass rush with little success. So it's very likely would look to go pass rush once again.

Picks so far

1 Detroit Lions - Whodie126 - Eugene Monroe

2 St. Louis Rams – Nick Pampani - Jason Smith

3 Kansas City Chiefs - D3keith - Aaron Curry

4 Seattle Seahawks - yophillybro - Mark Sanchez

5 Cleveland Browns – captain nodar - Brian Orakpo

6 - Cincinnati Bengals - Luxury Used Vehicles By Braman - BJ Raji

7 - Oakland Raiders - 2150akland - MIchael Crabtree

8 - Jacksonville Jaguars - NorthPhillyKidd - Matt Stafford

9 - Green Bay Packers - LeonSA - Malcolm Jenkins

10 - San Francisco 49ers - Ajay - Andre Smith

11 - Buffalo Bills - Bubqr - Everette Brown

12 - Denver Broncos - Andyb - Rey Maualuga

13 - Washington Redskins - Clyde Simmons - Aaron Maybin