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Eagles Notes - Running backs, Cutler, Owners meetings, Weaver, Ikegwuonu

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We now take a stroll around the morning papers...

- Paul Domowich says "Book it: Eagles will take RB in round one." He seems to think it will be Knowshon Moreno or Donald Brown.

- Mark Eckel says that the Eagles shouldn't be interested in Jay Cutler. Why? He's too sensitive to survive in Philadelphia and he's not very good in games that matter.

- The NFL owners meetings are underway today and a large slate of issues are set to be discussed including the economy, the labor situation, QB fumbles being eligible for review, adding an extra game to the season, a rookie wage scale, and protecting players from unnecessary hits to the head. Overtime will not be discussed, but the league admitted that there were concerns about imbalance last year.

- Bob Grotz says the Eagles have plans for Leonard Weaver beyond just throwing blocks.

- Jack Ikegwuonu told Les Bowenthat he's been given the medical clearance to join offseason workouts.

"This organization has done enough for me; I need to start giving back,'' Ikegwuonu said recently, a few days after getting the medical go-ahead to join offseason workouts with the team's other 2008 rookies. "I completely feel that they expect me to play, expect me to be ready to play. I try not to read into what the team is doing - they know what they're doing, they're going to make their decisions based directly on my development. How hard I work is probably going to affect what they do. All I can do is worry about myself, worry about my knee, worry about the impression I'm making on the coaching staff."

- Ray Didinger says the key to a successful draft is scouting.

- Finally, Raven's coach John Harbaugh think the Eagles are in a good position in next month's draft.