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Can we learn something from the Eagles depth chart?

Before I break this down I want to offer this caveat. The depth chart on the Eagles website is unofficial. After last year's PFT fueled mini controversey over the depth chart(read about it here and here and here) the Eagles have tried to make it very clear that the depth chart doesn't mean much...

However, it is fun to pick apart isn't it? Plus, you can't tell me that there hasn't been some thought put into it...

Here's the latest changes

- Todd Herremans has been moved to starting LT.

- Max Jean Gilles and Mike McGlynn are first and second string LGs respectively.

- Stacy Andrews is the starting RT.

- Leonard Weaver is the starting FB

- Dan Klecko is listed as a DT and no longer on the depth chart as a FB.

- Sean Jones is listed as a SS

- Quintin Demps is the starting FS

Obviously it's all subject to change and of course it's all unofficial, but the positions all make sense to me. I would not be at all suprised to learn that this is exactly what the Eagles are thinking.