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Sports Hernia: What's the Deal?

Avant_mediumI was reading part two of Spadaro's interview with Andy Reid on this morning.  Just like part one, it was some pretty vanilla stuff covering issues that we already know existed.  Of course, a question about the quality of our wide receivers popped up.  Andy gave a very general answer, as always, and that's fine.  The one aspect of his answer that stood out to me was the way he addressed Jason Avant.  He seems to be very high on young Jason, and I can understand why.  However, the part that stood out was the mention of Avant having sports hernia last year.  This hit me a little bit, as I was unaware of it.

We should all know what sports hernia is at this point, but if you don't, it's a situation that occurs in the lower abdomen.  The muscles or tendons in the lower wall weaken and allow a pouch to form.  As we should all know by now, the treatement for this is surgery.  Depending on the severity, surgery can be a simple snip and sew situation, or in McNabb's and Curtis' case, meshing is inserted to strengthen the area.

The recovery period from this type of injury is about six to eight weeks, but in all honesty, full recovery can take almost twice as long.  To be honest, I don't think I ever heard of this type of injury until McNabb, and now it seems like we see atleast one player every year on the Eagles wtih it, but I don't see the same trend around the NFL.  Since 2005, McNabb, LJ Smith, Curtis, and now Avant have had this surgery.  Seems odd that there's such a large concentration here and not everywhere else.