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Tra Thomas visits Jacksonville Jaguars

Comcast Sportsnet's Derrick Gunn has confirmed that Eagles free agent LT Tra Thomas has met with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Gunn's source(Tra's agent I assume) says the meeting went "very good." Thomas1027_medium

Or course, all free agent meetings go "very good." Still, Tra is in Jacksonville and as we learned this week that means he could be gone at any minute.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that Tra's situation is similar to Dawkins'. The Eagles and the player weren't that close on a contract, so they let him hit fre agency to see what the market is. Presumably, if Tra got an offer from Jacksonville he'd at least give the Eagles a shot to match.

Whether the Eagles would match to keep the 35 year old here remains to be seen... It seems like the Novacare complex is "No Country for Old Men" these days...

If anyone can photoshop the faces of Dawkins, Tra, & Runyan on this poster you have my eternal gratitude...