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Stallworth: From Bad to Worse

Stallworth_mediumBy now, we're all aware of the tragic death of 59 year old Mario Reyes on Saturday 
morning in Miami and the involvement of former Eagle Donte Stallworth.  Up until now, the information that was released regarding the incident portrayed it as a horrible accident that claimed the life of an innocent civilian just after the start of a beautiful Miami morning.  Stallworth was said to have been deeply saddened by the tragedy and was more than cooperative with law enforcement officials.  Things may have taken a turn for the worse.

A report out of Cleveland is now stating that Stallworth had a blood alcohol content of .12, which is above the legal limit of .08 in Florida.  When questioned regarding the report, officials responded by saying that at this time the report was not confirmed, but that information would be released when they make an arrest. That sounds like a tongue-in-cheek way of confirming it without actually doing so.

Miami Beach Detective Juan Sanchez said, "That has not been released or confirmed by us. They went with that story without confirming it with us.''

Sanchez added that although results of the toxicology report are due Friday, "we will not be releasing those results until we make an arrest.''

If convicted of DUI manslaughter, Stallworth would face a 15 year jail sentence under Florida law.  It is terrible that an innocent civilian has lost his life; when will people learn?