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With the fourth pick in the 2009 NFL draft the Seattle Seahawks select...

Representing the Seattle Seahawks in the 2009 BGN community mock draft yophillybro selects...


Mark Sanchez, QB USC.

I think most would agree that Aaron Curry would have been the most ideal pick for the Seahawks at this spot. But as you can see, Seattle may likely be a little slow to the punch, as he doesn’t make it past the Chiefs. Many Seahawks fans would argue that the move to trade Peterson was done with objective to relieve money from that linebacker position. Who knows? I personally think BJ Raji is too talented to leave on the board. But that’s just me. I have to do what’s best for the Seahawks.

With the recent free agency addition of TJ Houshmandzadeh and the return of Nate Burleson, combined with slow times and recent injury to Crabtree, I do not think Seattle will draft a receiver in the first round.

At this point Quarterback appears to be Seattle’s biggest need. It is the most important position for a West Coast Offense team especially one built identical to that of our Philadelphia Eagles. I am of the school of thinking that you should always draft Quarterbacks high. You really don’t want to fool around with draft day left-overs. So, basically, if you are going to address the Quarterback position, it serves you best to draft them high. Especially in Seattle's case, as it appears that they are primed for rebuilding.

With an aging quarterback who missed significant time over the recent years, Seattle has to consider who will be the next "guy". Most experts like Matthew Stafford as the top quarterback in the draft, but there is a growing number of scouts that would say Mark Sanchez is better.

Strengths: Sanchez is probably the most intelligent quarterback in this year's class. Playing out of USC's pro-style offense, Sanchez excelled at reading defenses and properly going through his progressions. Is always looking around on the whole field, keeping his face mask square with the line of scrimmage. Good arm strength to make just about any NFL throw. Put passes in good spots for receivers to make easy catches. Accurate passer when he's moving to either the left or the right. Probably a good fit for the West Coast offense because he doesn't have great arm strength. Has quick feet to get into position to make throws. Makes quick decisions and is a smart player. Team captain as a junior.

Weaknesses: Sanchez' release is a windup, slow release. It's not as bad as former Kentucky quarterback Andre Woodson, but it's similar. Does he have the size? Only 225 pounds, Sanchez needs to get bigger to handle getting hit in the NFL. Prone to some inconsistency. Had 22 touchdowns in six of his games. Still developing as a quarterback. Only started one full season and was injured at the start of the year. Started 16 games total. Has some injury and character questions. Was arrested but not charged with sexual assault in 2006. Before the 2008 season, Sanchez suffered a dislocated kneecap.

Final word:
Of late, there is a poor track record for underclassmen quarterbacks in the draft with Vince Young and Alex Smith. Teams will have to do their due diligence with Sanchez. He certainly has the tools and makeup to be an NFL quarterback, but he's still not a completely proven commodity. May have to learn for his first year or two, which could make him slide some. Was urged by USC coach Pete Carroll to return for his senior season, but still decided to leave early.

Sanchez’s stock has sky rocketed after a good combine and pro day. His intelligence is a needed plus for a team looking for a good quarterback who can absorb all of the intricate dynamics of the West Coast offense. Mark Sanchez projects to be that prototypical West Coast quarterback.

It’s also an added bonus that Seattle still has Hasselbeck under contract till 2011 which affords them enough time to groom Sanchez to ensure he is ready when the time comes.

In reality, I think Seattle trades down here, but if the actual draft board mimics our Bleeding Green Nation’s board, and Seattle doesn't trade down. I think Mark Sanchez is the best pick for them.

Commish's take is after the jump. Picks are coming in quick now... The Cleveland Browns and Captain Nodar are on the clock.

Commish take - A suprise pick for a few reasons. Seattle really could do several things here. After losing Rocky Bernard they could opt for a DT like BJ Raji or they could go for MIchael Oher to eventually replace the aging Walter Jones... But QB is certainly something they could do as well. Matt Hasselbeck is coming off an injury plauged year where the rest of QBs on the Seattle roster showed they aren't starters... Hasselbeck turns 34 this year and the Seahawks may see their chance to grab their franchise QB of the future. This pick is also somewhat of a surprise in that Sanchez, not Stafford is the first QB off the board. A surprising pick, but not out of the realm of possibility at all.